Programmable logic controllers(PLC) are common place in all areas of industry. It can say that most of the industrial is using and planning to uso PLC. It becomes ever more important that maintenance personnel should be able to carry out PLC effectively as well as fault finding on these systems.

Hence we come into the picture in delivering the knowledge of PLC into Industrial.

Duration: 3 Days


Topic Covered;

- Introduction on PLC

- PLC Configuration, feature, function, unit specification, and components
- Address Input & Output
- Key Points using PLC
- PLC Design Comcept
- Ladder Diagram
- Hardware Configuration
- Connection PLC to Computer
- Offline Operation
- File Management & Documentation
- Q & A Session

(The Topic may be customized upon request and facilities available) - Contact Us at +6016-2152432

Target Group;


 -Maintenance Team
 -Engineering Students
 -Machine Operator
 -System Integrator





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